by Shannon O’Leary

KINDA COMICS Entertainment Weekly celebrates True Blood’s Season Four premiere with three different American Gothic themed collectible covers of Sookie and all her mens (The Vampire Bill and Alcide covers can be viewed at the link). Series creator, Alan Ball, is no doubt celebrating as well.  The season premiere garnered 6.4 million viewers total on Sunday night (via The Hollywood Reporter) Although I won’t be recapping this season, I’ll be avidly watching. The first two episodes pulled me in something fierce in that goofy, tongue in cheek softcore porn way that only True Blood can. If you like True Blood half as much as me, you’ll enjoy reading this interview with Alan Ball for He spills a lot of bloody good details about where Season Four is headed, including the news that Marnie the weirdo witch is replacing Russell Edington as The Big Bad this go around.

In big bad green news, Guillermo Del Toro confirmed he’s still, slowly but surely, bringing The Hulk to ABC (via

Over at AMC’s zombieland happenings, The Walking Dead will be getting down on the farm next season. Series Executive Producer, Frank Darabont, reveals that most of Season 2 will use the comics series as a template with most of the action taking place on Herschell Green’s farm. Herschell has been cast by a recognizable “Oh yeah, that guy” character actor from all of your favorite police procedurals. Check the linkage for pics of Herschell and other Green family members (via TV Guide)

NOT COMICS Lost Executive Producer, Jack Bender, will also be serving time as an EP with many other Lost alums (including Jorge Garcia!) on the new Fox series Alcatraz (via Deadline).

Thor‘s gettin’ a sequel (via Deadline) but no Kenneth Brannagh next time around.

Green Lantern‘s probably going #2 too (via The Beat) but there’s some speculation that Ryan Reynolds won’t be involved (via io9, via The Hollywood Reporter)

Alex Ross has drawn some super dire-wolfy covers for the Dynamite/Bantam published Game of Thrones comics series (via The Beat)

fasdklfjakldsrfjalwiert! Whoa. Excuse me. My keyboard keys just got totally besotted with drool over this pic and others of my boyfriend, Jason Momoa (aka Khal Drogo) as Conan The Barbarian. Conan the Barbarian will be released in 3D on August 19 (via Spinoff Online)

NOT COMICS There’s new Hobbit pics at this link from Empire Online. Including a cover shot of a younged up, more salt and peppery bearded Gandalf. And just for fun, here’s a pic of Barad-dûr, the Dark Tower of Sauron, recreated entirely out of Lego Bricks!

Legendary Comics, the newly created comics imprint from Legendary Films, is releasing its first comic and it looks like a good one. Look for Holy Terror by Frank Miller to hit stores on September 14th (via The Hollywood Reporter) In other Legendary news, Ty Warren has been named the new SVP of Production as the company is gearing up for a markedly increased production schedule (via Deadline)

And lastly, Stan Lee’s Pow! Entertainment is joining forces with Ricco Capital and Panda Media Partners to launch a new film financing partnership called Magic Storm Entertainment (via The Hollywood Reporter)


  1. It’s funny, but the TV link for The Walking Dead is not viewable by me because of the #@$!!% Dunkin Doughnuts Captain America Ad!

    Kinda ironic that an article about a comic book adaptation gets obscured by an ad for another Comic book adaptation.

  2. Hmmm… so there’s an incestuous theme in those Sookie covers? Because the original “American Gothic” painting by Grant Wood depicts a farmer and his spinster daughter.