Welcome back Studio Coffee Folks! You might think the Peacock would be reeling after NBC lost its billions of revenue in Olympics ads – but you’d be wrong. Insiders are confident that the whole COVID-19 situation will draw folks in just fine. That, along with a couple exciting trailers, right here.

After one season, Messiah won’t be rising again

Netflix’s Messiah has been cancelled following its one season flop, as revealed by co-star Wil Travel on Thursday via Instagram, saying “I have just received news from Netflix that there will be no season 2 of #messiah. I wanted to say to all the fans thank you for your support and love. I wish things were different.” Aside from the series’ major twist being immediately spoiled, it also faced genuine controversy in the Middle East over a scene shot on Jerusalem’s sacred Temple Mount.

Need anymore movies to watch? Disney’s got your back

Disney is trying to cut its losses a bit more with digital releases for 20th Century Studios’ The Call of the Wild, starring Harrison Ford and A CGI Dog and Searchlight Pictures’ Downhill, starring Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Both of which had their big screen debuts in February and were cut short when COVID-19 forced us all into our homes and out of the theater. Notably, Disney has already taken big titles like Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Onward and Frozen 2 to small screens. The Call of the Wild will be available to purchase today for $14.99, as will Downhill, though for a slightly cheaper price point at $9.99.

The Peacock has lost the Olympics, but it’s taking The Office

Meanwhile, NBC is reeling after it lost billions in advertising funds after the Tokyo Olympics were cancelled. So, it’s hoping The Peacock will provide. The network’s upcoming streaming service is set for a July 15 launch (and was also set to have its own Olympics coverage, whoops). Per THR, insiders aren’t worried one bit. With the world sitting at home, increasingly bored, the idea of binging hours of Saturday Night Live or Friday Night Lights or the ludicrous amounts of Dick Wolfe content out there doesn’t seem even a little outlandish. Not to mention the fact that Netflix’s and Hulu’s iron grip over shows like The Office and This is Us will be wrenched open and dropped into the Peacock’s hungry beak.

Hmm this allegory seems weirdly relatable I WONDER WHY 

The Platform is an upcoming Netflix thriller with big Snowpiercer vibes. The first trailer has arrived, and it’s super allegorical and super tense. In a nutshell, folks are living in what looks like a massive stack of prison cells with a hole going down the middle, allowing anyone to look up or down at their neighbors. Throughout the day, a (the) platform floats down filled with food. If you’re at the top, you get first pick – but as it goes down, you’re literally eating the scraps of everyone above you. Needless to say, The Platform could not have picked a more apt moment to drop a trailer.

Alan Yang’s Tigertail drops a new trailer

Master of None’s Alan Yang dropped a trailer of his own yesterday, revealing the writer-director’s multigenerational drama, Tigertail. It’s the story of a Taiwanese immigrant, struggling to keep his family alive and stay connected with them. The cast includes Tzi Ma, Christine Ko, Hayden Szeto, Hong-Chi Lee, Kunjue Li, Fiona Fu, James Saito, with Joan Chen and hits Netflix on April 10.