Wrapping up Tech Thursday in comics news, Comic Blitz, a standalone app that offers streaming comics, has upped it’s offerings since its launch, just after New York Comic Con. Starting today the app is available globally for iPad. In addition, they’ve added several publishers to the line-up

Comic Blitz launched a few weeks ago offering all-you-eat streaming comics for $9.99 a month. They offer comics from Valiant, Dynamite Action Labs, Graphic Universe and more. This weeks new offerings include Divinity and Imperium and Quantum & Woody Must Die from Valiant; The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat from Dynamite, Aspen’s Idolized and the family friendly Skyward from Action Lab.

In addition in recent days the company added #‎Paperfilms‬, (comics from Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Connor, Frank Tieri, Justin Gray and Patrick Wedge,) Arcana Studios, AsylumPress, and Blue Juice Comics & Books.

According to ComicBlitz CEO Jordan Plosky, international demand for the service has been strong, so going global at such an early date seems like a strong move.

The race to create the Netflix of comics is on and ongoing. Comic Blitz is a strong contender. Developing.


  1. I can’t seem to find out how old the comics offered are, neither from all the press releases nor from their website/app itself. Are they Marvel Unlimited’s 6-month wait? Or are they just starting to trickle in decades-old number ones? Hearing about Comic Blitz earlier this year, I dismissed them as having very little and very old content. I currently follow Valiant’s entire line, but the back issues are piling up in my basement, and Comixology charges more for digital than I pay for physical singles. This could be my escape from getting buried under paper!

    Assuming they actually have a good selection. And I’m not giving them all my credit card & personal info just to find out they don’t.

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