While the Maine Mystery Beast seems to have been debunked, we are here to tell you, Maine is a hotbed of Crytozoological lore. There’s a Crypto exhibit going on at Bates College in Lewiston, and we’ve already heard credible reports of sightings of The Beast of Togus (a strange pig-dog seen running down the middle of the highway.) And we’re not even talking the VMAs.

But strange creatures once thought only dreamed of can be seen in the broad light of day. Yesterday we made a special trip to Delano Seafood on Rt. 1 in Waldoboro, ME to see an incredibly rare blue lobster, a mutant that occurs perhaps once out of every 2 million lobsters. They are savage, noble creatures, according to all reports.

When we heard there was a blue lobster on display, we thought it was going to be, maybe blue tinged, or tinted (live lobsters have a bit of a forest green look to them after all.) But no, this lobster is somewhere between cerulean and ultramarine blue. An older lady runs this seafood stand, and apparently she frowns on people who come in to gawk at the blue lobster without buying something, so if you stop by to see it, pick up some frozen scallops or some haddock or something.

We asked her plans for the rare specimen. “I’m going to feed it and keep it,” she said. And does it have a name? “No, I just call it my baby.”

After all this hanging around the seafood store we decided to purchase some normal specimens and conduct a scientific experiment. Our efforts confirmed that, yes, as reported, lobsters do turn bright red when steamed in a common kitchen pan.