The Making Comics Fifty State Tour Hit the road the other day

I will tell you that we are in Beaver, Utah again (stopped here on the way to Minneapolis two months back) and the water is still really good. We did not get out of the apartment until 4:30am this morning, that made us miss the first two driving days. I knew we couldn’t afford to miss anymore, so I started driving after we stopped at my mom’s house to drop some more stuff off to go to storage and after we said goodbye to Maddie, our dog, who is staying there for the year.

I then drove for 545 miles. On no sleep. I took two naps today at rest stops, one for about forty five minutes and one for about fifteen. The rest of the family slept much of the day. We all slept on the floor the last two nights that we were in our apartment, so I didn’t sleep very well. I am very tired, so sorry that this is kind of written oddly. The sleep deprived tend to talk this way, or at least I do. I think I have had one hour of rest in the last 36. With only three or four the nights before.

While we urge you to follow along on the LJ feed, we’ll be reading it every day and alerting you to the highlights.

You can see photos from the McCloud going away party here with special guests like Paul Smith. The official tour kick off is 9/9 in BKNY at Rocketship.


  1. From Omaha: We’re still alive!

    FYI: Rocketship on the 9th will be the “book release party”, but it’s actually our second store appearance. On Friday the 8th, we’ll also be at Midtown Comics in Times Square. Details linked to from the sidebar here.

    See you all soon!