It’s a cat! In armor! From Marvel! It’s Iron Cat!

Or so it seems from some teasers that Marvel is dropping this afternoon. Different fragments are going to different outlets…we have a ticking time bomb here as we’re trying to assemble them to complete the picture of….Iron Cat

Newsarama has the prosaic speculation that this is some kind of Black Cat/Iron Man mash-up, teased in an upcoming Black Cat series by Jed MacKay. Like Black Cat steals Iron Man’s armor or something. This is based on an actual quote from MacKay:

“After Madripoor, Felicia and her crew return to the States to pull a job targeting a character who we’ve been saving for a real barn-burner of a heist,” MacKay explained. “Spoilers: It’s Iron Man.”



We have a more expansive belief that it will be something more like this.

Cats and comics go together just about as well as cats and the internet. From Krazy Kat to Garfield the Cat to Catwoman to cosplay cats…we could do this all day.

While the fragments are thus far inconclusive, we do know Marvel loves little critters, like Spider-Ham, as well as Iron Man spinoffs.

We’ll update this, the most crucial news of the day, if not fortnight, as more pieces of the puzzle come together.