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Alexandro Jodorowsky is one of comics’ original crossover artists. An internationally acclaimed experimental filmmaker and novelist, he’s used comics as his chosen medium for some of his most powerful stories, including The Incal, The Metabarons, The Technopriests, and Megalex. Illustrated by artistic greats including Moebius and Juan Gimenez, his body of work contains is some of the best SF comics ever. While jumping into the heady brew of speculative storytelling may seem daunting, Humanoids is making it a lot easier with Humanoids Presents: The Jodoverse, a $4.99 collection  introducing his key series:

Visionary author, filmmaker, and philosopher, Alexandro Jodorowsky (El Topo, Dance of Reality) has created an incredible Sci-Fi universe, full of love, revenge, intrigue, betrayal, and redemption, along with some of the world’s most singular and talented sequential artists, including Mœbius, Juan Giménez, Zoran Janjetov, and Fred Beltran. Told one series at a time, this wholly imaginative realm continues to expand on a cosmic scale. Humanoids Presents: The Jodoverse features excerpts from The Incal, The Metabarons, The Technopriests, and Megalex, a 112-page collection that provides a peek into this mind-blowing world that will ensure that you’ll want to hop onboard and explore it further.

Jodorowsky recently debuted a new  autobiographical film, Endless Poetry, at the Cannes Film Festival, and his novel Albina and the Dog-Men was just released in English. The Jodoverse collection will debut at this years SDCC and go on sale for the rest of us in September.



  1. I keep trying to convince myself that I enjoy Jodorowsky comics.
    I try so hard.
    I just can’t separate him from his films, and I love his films so much more.

  2. Rumor has it that Jodorowsky came up with the ending of Akira while he and Otomo were so drunk that Jodorowsky doesn’t even remember it.
    I wish his comics had endings that good.
    Or, in most cases, an actual ending at all.
    Now I feel bad.
    El Topo is my favorite movie.

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