Dust off your dice and get the Monster Manual ready: Christina “Steenz” Stewart and Samuel Sattin are taking you on a journey into the history of table top role playing games in Side Quest: A Visual History of Role Playing Games.

Side Quest will be published by Imprint, part of Macmillan Publishers. The nonfiction graphic novel is scheduled to be released in Spring 2023.

Side Quest: A Visual History of Role Playing Games.

Side Quest will explore the long history of tabletop role playing games, tracing the antecedents of the modern RPG back through Europe to their origins in ancient China and India. The nonfiction graphic novel, which will be geared toward adults, will also incorporate personal stories from the creators, including the explanation of how they themselves came to be personally interested in RPGs.

The nonfiction graphic novel will be written by Sattin, whose work includes comics like Glint, Legend, and BezKamp as well as the novel League of Somebodies and The Silent End. Sattin was represented by Dara Hyde at Hill Nadell Literary Agency.

The Eisner and Dwayne McDuffie Award-winning Steenz will provide illustrations. This isn’t the first time Steenz has worked on a project that involved tabletop RPGs: during her time as an Associate Editor at Lion Forge, she edited Rolled and Told, a magazine that combined tabletop gaming with comics, stories, and tips & tricks. Steenz was represented by Anjali Singh at Ayesha Pande Literary.

While Side Quest won’t be released until Spring 2023, in the meantime, you can enjoy a daily dose of Vitamin Steenz thanks to Heart of the City.

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