Caracal, Lion Forge’s young readers’ imprint, drops the first installment of the Glint trilogy digitally today and in bookstores on March 12, 2019. The Beat has an extended preview of the graphic novel.

Here is how the publisher describes Glint Book One: The Cloud Raiders:

“Glint-the mineral resource that keeps the planet and people of Mora alive-is running low. Loon and all the other pit workers are confined to a life of glint mining to serve the greater good of Mora. But when Loon decides to leave the mines for the military, his hopes for wartime glory with the Temple of Sacred Defense are soon overshadowed by Mora’s dark secrets.”

Glint’s writer Samuel Sattin describes the graphic novel in these terms:

“Motorbike riding warrior grannies must help a small miner boy named Loon withstand a regime that’s been brainwashing its people for generations while being attacked by monsters called Feeders.”

Sattin has written several novels, including The Silent End and League of Somebodies and collaborated with artist Chris Koehler on the comic book series Legend (Z2 Comics). Ian McGinty is the creator of Welcome to Showside and the artist for Invader Zim (Oni), Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors (Boom Studios). Glint represents the first collaboration for these two fine, young artists.

The second part this three-book series will be released in October 2019 while the conclusion drops in April 2020.

Here are first twelve pages of the graphic novel: