Award-winning cartoonist Nate Powell’s next book, Fall Through, is due out in February, and it tells the story of an underground punk rock band seemingly stuck on an eternal tour.

Billed as Love and Rockets meets Russian Doll, you can find a full synopsis of the new book below via publisher Abrams, followed by four full-color preview spreads from the book. Enjoy!

PREVIEW: Fall Through by Nate Powell

At first glance, Diamond Mine seems to have emerged in 1979 as Arkansas’s first punk band. Instead, this quartet is revealed to be interdimensional travelers from 1994, guided—largely against their will—by vocalist Diana’s powerful spell embedded into their song “Fall Through.”

As Diamond Mine tours the country, each performance of the song triggers a fracturing of space-time perceptible only by the band members as they’re transported to alternate worlds in which they’ve never existed, but their band’s legend has. That is, until Jody, the band’s bassist and the story’s protagonist, finds herself disrupting Diana’s sorcery, even at the cost of her own beloved work and legacy. While some band members perpetually seek the free space offered by the underground punk scene to escape from their mundane or traumatic lives, others work toward it as a means of expression, connection, and growth—even if that means eventually outgrowing Sisyphean patterns and inevitably outgrowing their beloved band-family altogether.

Fall Through

Fall Through