Everyone remembers the days when they would scrounge around in the grandparents’ attic, drink from a cursed chalice and unleash hordes of undead upon the world. Oh, that didn’t happen to you? Well, now you can pretend it did and live vicariously by reading Dead Life.

Statix Press, an imprint of Titan Comics dedicated to bringing European books to the UK and US markets, has announced its plan to publish the zombie horror series Dead Life. This is the first time the comic will be translated into English and presented in a serialized format. The comic comes to us from French writer Jean-Charles Gaudin (Angor, Marlysa). Statix is also announcing new cover and interior art mad exclusively for the English release by Joan Urgell (Rebels) and Mambba.

Dead Life tells the story of a young child named Steven who accidentally unleashes a worldwide Zombie epidemic. Thanks a lot Steven. Billed as a kind of The Walking Dead meets Supernatural, Dead Life promises to be a journey into a waking undead nightmare.

We here at The BEAT are happy to bring you the exclusive preview of the newly translated interior art and covers for Dead Life:

Cover A: Mike Norton (Revival, Battlepug)

Cover B: Joan Urgell


Writer: Jean-Charles Gaudin
Artists: Joan Urgell, Mambba
Publisher: Titan Comics
Imprint: Statix Press
FC • 56pp • $5.99
Available: July 18, 2018