200610111151A coupla Neil Gaiman notes. The teaser site for the STARDUST movie is live.

In addition, Bookslut has an unusually fun interview with the author:

Have you ever shut down an event, where there was a curfew?

…The worst one ever was in Sao Paulo in Brazil in 2001. Brazilians are lovely people. But they don’t hold back on how they feel. And 1,200 showed up and at 700 the shop decided to cap the line, thinking that was enough. The 500 people left behind apparently explained to them in a very enthusiastic and cheerful and Brazilian sort of way that they could of course shut down the line if they wanted to but those 500 people would destroy their store if they did. And they thought about it for a minute, reopened the line, and I signed for all 1,200. But I only discovered this happened until the end of the day. I stayed until 2 o’clock in the morning, and I lost my voice.

Wait, we can’t resist pull-quoting THIS either:

Any time you mention cats, people will write in, “Well, when my cat had this, the only thing he would eat was liquidized sardines. If you liquidize sardines and add acidophilus.â€? I always want to try these things.