The trailer for the second and final season of Star Wars Resistance has arrived – and so have a few familiar faces. From the get-go, this series has included references to the latest trilogy with appearances from BB-8 and the Oscar Isaac voiced Poe Dameron; that trend continues from the looks of this trailer. Having just wrapped its first season back in March, fans haven’t had to wait long for more of the Emmy nominated cartoon.

The series follows a young pilot named Kaz and the crew of the Colossus, a modest aircraft refueling station that quickly finds itself in extenuating circumstances. When Star Wars Resistance begins and we first meet Kaz, we’re only six months away from the beginning of The Force Awakens. The two eventually crossover by the first season’s finale and, as revealed by this latest trailer, the second season will take place during The Last Jedi and up to the events of The Rise of Skywalker. 

Also present in the Star Wars Resistance trailer are the characters from those films. If you’d rather be surprised – or check them out for yourself – be sure to watch the trailer below and tune in on October 6 when season 2 premiers on Disney “as Kaz and the team continue to fight against the threat of the First Order, culminating in an epic series finale,” and scroll down for a look at this season’s voice cast.

Joe Manganiello as Ax Tagrin, Daveed Diggs as Norath Kev and Lucy Lawless  as the Aeosian Queen will appear along with Star Wars Resistance stars Christopher Sean as Kazuda Xiono; Suzie McGrath as Tam Ryvora; Scott Lawrence as Jarek Yeager; Myrna Velasco as Torra Doza; Josh Brener as Neeku Vozo; Donald Faison as Hype Fazon; Elijah Wood as Rucklin; Jim Rash and Bobby Moynihan as Flix and Orka, respectively; Liam McIntyre as Commander Pyre; Jason Hightower as Captain Doza; and Sumalee Montano as Agent Tierny.


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