As you all know, Stan Lee pacts the way other people breathe. Here’s a new one — a contest with online community MASScanvas to design a T-shirt; a portions of the proceeds of the winning design will go to the John Wayne Cancer Institute. Winners get their very own congratulatory video from Stan, as well.

Starting Thursday, November 4, fans can submit designs for the ‘WORLD OF HEROES’ challenge until November 20 at ALL entries will be featured on, the only requirement being they reflect the theme of “WORLD OF HEROES.” Entrants and fans can comment on designs throughout the challenge and VOTE for the top 20 designs. On December 8, Stan Lee will choose 5 winning tees (each receiving a $1,000 cash prize), from the top 20, that he feels best represent the theme. The 5 winning tees will be custom printed in limited quantity, individually hand-numbered, and sold in support of the charitable cause.

“The word “HERO” can mean different things to different people, so be as creative as you can!” says Stan Lee in his video announcing the challenge.

Stan Lee will be hands-on throughout the campaign, and will appear in person November 5 & 6 at Comikaze Expo in LA (where Stan is Guest of Honor) providing signed shirts and special giveaways.

Stan will personally congratulate the winners via video on December 8.


  1. I was wondering when we’d hear about Stan’s latest project! I feel like it’s been forever* since we heard from him.

    *(And by “forever” I mean two days, give or take a couple of hours.)

  2. One time I was in this bar. Just sitting there. Having a drink, y’know?

    And there’s only three people in there, because it’s early. Me, the bartender and this sketchy looking guy down the end. And he seems real nervous. Keeps looking over his shoulder at the door.

    And in walks Stan Lee. I mean, I am just amazed. Comics leged, Stan Lee. All 70’s hollywood looking. But on him…on him it works. Flashes all this smile. Big white toothed thing.

    And the guy at the bar, he freaks.


    And Stan, he starts walking towards the guy. And without breaking stride, he pulls out one of those little souvenier baseball bats. About as long as your forearm. And he corners the the guy, who’s wet himself by this time. And he just goes to town on him with that little bat. And no one can move because we’re just all stunned by this. After a while, the guy stops moving and without ever saying a word, Stan heads out.

    Anyway, that’s why Stan Lee has to keep busy.