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An email from Wizard PR notes that Stan Lee’s management has informed them that “Stan would be unable to attend any upcoming appearances for the near future, including the Ohio Comic Con, as well as the “Authors Authors” Toledo-Lucas County Public Library appearance set for this Thursday, September 27th. We will let fans know more as we know more details.” Wizard is issuing refunds for all VIP, Photo Ops and Autograph Tickets that have been prepurchased.

Lee is still slated to attend Wizard World New Orleans—and many other shows. As we all know, the 89-year-old keeps a schedule people a quarter his age would find taxing. This is the second time this year that he’s canceled a bunch of appearances due to fatigue, however. Back in May he canceled his appearance at the Hero Complex Film Festival.

Lee’s busy, busy schedule is the topic of some speculation from time to time. Is he just doing it for fun? For money? (A Stan Lee VIP package at Wizard World New Orleans or other shows costs $299¯and they seem to sell a lot of them.) A mix of both? Something else? No one has the answer.


  1. I think the “why” is really interesting…he can’t possibly need the money, can he? Yet, why else would he want to sign “Stan Lee” for eight hours at $50 a pop.

  2. Well, I hope it’s just because he’s tired and not something more serious. Stan is a classic, and losing a classic is unthinkable. Let him rest up and recharge his superpowers.

  3. Most of you will be too young to remember this, but when Otis Redding covered the Temptations’ “My Girl”, he altered the lyric to “I don’t need no money, all I need is my fame.” I think of Stan that way. Having known and worked with him, I think he genuinely enjoys/needs the contact and the love he gets. Have you ever seen Bill Clinton work a rope line? Same thing. It fulfills a deep need and it’s more that a little habit-forming. Hope Stan will get some needed rest.

  4. Stan’s signature is more expensive than that. (depending upon the book you want signed). Sure, a modern book might go for 50 dollars–but have your cgc classic AF 15 book signed and witnessed and reslabbed. You are talking coin. But, he’s a hero. He inspired and continues to inspire generations of fans. Rest well Stan, I pray you feel better and get back out there quickly.

  5. I know why he does it…since I have spent some time with him at a lot of shows and hosting quite a few as well for him. He really does love the attention and meeting the people…he gets a kick of the young kids and older fans and treats them with a lot of respect.

    What I do not know is the money and signature thing, but i do understand when people pay you to do a show, they tend to treat you better…It is human nature. You become an investment.

    Honest, I hope he is just beat, and taking some time and sunshine for himself. He deserves it.

  6. I still recall the time when I used to help coordinate those Los Angeles Teen Age Comic Festivals and we got Stan Lee to speak one year – I think it was the very last one in 2004- and seeing Stan Lee polevault off a stage in his late seventies or early eighties to greet an old colleague he hadn’t seen in sometime was probably one of the most amazing things I ever witnessed. I know the Southern Californian lifestyle has done wonderous things for his health- I’ve heard he’s a big fan of smoothie bars which is something that living on the East Coast sorely lacks.



  7. Stan Lee still projects a lot of energy and does a ton of travel and business so people sometimes forget that the man is 90 years old. Travel especially is rougher on people his age.

  8. He’s still doing the Dallas Comic Con in a few weeks October, so he’s only cancelled his appearances for the near-future.

  9. I did pay huge coin once for a Stan Lee meet and greet at a con last year. I will say he made sure everyone left happy and he seemed pretty willing to stick around and talk even longer but his people ushered him out. If you really love that guy he definitely makes it worth the money.

  10. I’m proud I was able meet him at the Baltimore Comic Con this year. I will forever treasure my photo with him and autographed copy of, “The Avengers Vol. 1”. I hope he stays strong because a legend lives forever. By the way, I was surprised when I asked him which comic book movies were his favorite and told me Spider-Man (2002) and shockingly Blade (1998).

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