Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced on Tuesday morning that the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game hit a delay. The original May 15 release date is being pushed back several months, to September 4, 2020 with the hope that the time will be used “focusing on fine tuning and polishing the game to the high standards our fans expect and deserve.”

For those that recall the Avengers E3 premiere, this specific delay may not be a surprise. Many fans were up in arms about character designs, while others were left scratching their heads as far as what actual gameplay would look like. Even those who got the chance to play exclusive demos were left feeling particularly meh about the experience. Our own Matt O’Keefe pointed out extensively that what we’ve seen so far “looks like a mess,” so hopefully the team is able to take the extended dealine and polish out some of the rougher edges.

It’s also worth noting that Marvel’s tie in comics are now – let’s say a bit early. Marvel’s Avengers: Thor #1for example, released on January 8, with four more titles following it to set up the game’s inciting incident. The finale, a Black Widow title, is set for release on March 25, which would’ve put it roughly a month and a half prior to the actual game’s release. With the Avengers delay, though, that series is about to be a lot less timely.

For more details on the Marvel’s Avengers delay, check out Crystal Dynamics official statement – it’s also worth noting, for all you JRPG fans, that Square’s Final Fantasy VII remake was also delayed today, though only by a month. It’s now looking at an April 10 release date.