Okay, that was metaphorical, but…While we work on our semi-coherent SPX thoughts, check out the Official Daniel Clowes Twitter for some fantastic images of the weekend. Here’s Clowes and Chris Ware pouring over Crockett Johnson Barnaby originals at the Library of Congress:


The panel on Fantagraphics’ upcoming Barnaby reprint with Ware, Clowes, Mark Newgarden, and Eric Reynolds was a highlight mentioned by many.


And here’s the lineup from the Life After Alternative Comics panel: Bill Kartalopoulos, Adrian Tomine, Jaime Hernandez, Daniel Clowes, and Gilbert Hernandez.

Perhaps the most striking moment of all was walking into the hotel bar on Friday night and seeing one big table with these guys, Charles Burns, Tom Spurgeon, Gary Groth, Eric Reynoldss and more….hanging out and telling stories about the Dallas Fantasy Fair. It really was a once in a lifetime experience for everyone, and that will long be remembered.


  1. Pedantic pet peeve, but please: when one is examining something intently with the eye, the verb is pore over (gerund poring). Pour or pouring would only apply if one were literally spilling liquid (e.g, drool) over the object in question.

    Please, The Beat — join the crusade. If we can hold the line against the dreaded stealth mountain, then surely we can do the same for pore and pour.

  2. Philip Nel, blogging about his SPX experience, referred to showing people Barnaby strips at the Smithsonian, so it’s possible that the strips aren’t cataloged as part of the LoC collection.


  3. Ah ha! They were at the SMITHSONIAN. Easy mistake on their part. Probably at the American Art Museum, located near the Verizon Center.




    So they include work by Crockett Johnson AND William Moulton Marston! The Smithsonian ROCKS!



  4. Yup, the buildings at LC are quite nice! Some of the spaces are utilitarian, given the necessities of preservation and scholarship, but how many libraries have a public cafeteria, let alone three?

    (Or a Stradivarius string quartet, which performs regularly?)

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