Announced earlier this year, the first issue of the much-anticipated FORTNITE X MARVEL: ZERO WAR 5-issue limited series hits shelves tomorrow. Ahead of the release, Marvel has unveiled the brand-new Zero Suit that everyone’s favorite webslinger will be sporting in the not only in the comic but the video game as well.

In a clever homage to the cover of Secret Wars #8 by Mike Zeck that featured the debut of Spidey’s iconic black suit, Marvel has released a promotional image by Ron Lim and Israel Silva of Spidey’s new Zero Suit.

Zero SuitWorlds collide in this crossover series written by Christos Gage and Epic Games’ Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard with art by Sergio Davíla.

Fans will be able to unlock the suit in-game ahead of its Fortnite Item Shop debut with a redeemable code in each first-print edition comic issue of FORTNITE X MARVEL: ZERO WAR #1. You can bet your bottom dollar that video game players and enthusiasts will be flocking to stores to pick up a copy for the free suit code. Keep your eyes peeled for the future cosmetics that will available in upcoming issues of the limited series.

As Gage explained to IGN in a recent interview.

“There’ll be a few things you see in both the game and the comic—mostly in our final issue. But for the most part, what happens in the game and what happens in the comic are different fronts in the same war. Some questions that players might have about the game are answered in the comic, and vice versa, though neither are required to follow the story in the other.”

Pick up FORTNITE X MARVEL: ZERO WAR #1 tomorrow!