I’m not exactly sure of the provenance of Forbes movie pundit Rob Cain so take the following with a grain of salt, but he points out that Spider-Man Homecoming had an awful Friday-to-Friday fall:

The film was extremely well reviewed with a 93 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, and well attended, with a $117 million domestic gross, the best 3-day opening for a Spidey flick since Spider-Man 3’s stunning $151 million debut a decade ago. But things quickly turned sour for the Sony-Marvel co-pro yesterday when the grosses fell off a cliff, tumbling 73.2 percent from the first Friday’s $50.8 million tally to an estimated $13.6 million on the second. That’s one of the worst Friday-to-Friday drops the 16-movie Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever seen—only Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War fared worse—and it’s by far the worst for any of Sony’s 6 Spider-Man movies. Even the heavily front-loaded and relatively poorly reviewed Spider-Man 3 fell by a lesser margin on its second Friday.


It’s notable that the three biggest Friday-to-Friday drops in Marvel’s 9-year-old MCU franchise history have all come within the past two years. That looks like a sign of change, that superhero movies have maxed out their welcome and that audiences are becoming far pickier about what they’ll spend their time and money on. Marvel’s characters have fared better lately in original new franchises, like Guardians of the Galaxy and the Fox-owned Deadpool. The same can be said for Warner-DC’s Wonder Woman. As the old Hollywood maxim goes, moviegoers may be telling the studios “give me the same thing but different.”

I’m not sure this is just a Marvel thing – movies open frontloaded and then people move on o Game of Thrones or something. According to THR, it was par for the course:

Spider-Man: Homecoming has likewise been embraced by critics and audiences. In terms of its second weekend drop, the tentpole fell more than the summer’s two other superhero pics, Wonder Woman (43 percent) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (56 percent), but is certainly in keeping with many other comic book adaptations.

Still, Wonder Woman did better than Spider-Man! Bwaa haa haa!

As for Spider-Man Homecoming, my own thoughts were: A cast that looks like an actual Queens school? AWESOME. A fresh Spidey? Cool! And Michael Keaton may have been the best MCU villain, even if he was actually phoning it in half the time. That’s how awesome HE was. Back when Raimi wanted to do the Vulture, it was going to be another sad old man in a wifebeater, an esthetic shared by both Raimi and Steve Ditko, The Homecoming Vulture was a modern day man: out sourced by a bigger company, he got mad and built an exo-skeleton. Because it’s 2017. So all in all a great update even if it was, somehow, yet another Marvel movie.


  1. It may not be a superhero thing, but a Spider-Man thing. This is the second reboot in six movies, and I imagine it’s easy to feel like this could be same-old, even with Avengers cameos. I can see it being enough reason for folks to just wait for the DVD, anyway.

  2. It makes sense that Wonder Woman had less of a fall. There was heavy skepticism that the movie would be good based on the previous DCEU outings. When the people who waited that first weekend found out that the film was actually good, they went.

    Marvel films are generally recieved as good movies, so I assume there’s less people waiting to hear word of mouth.

  3. Spider-Man homecoming is really doing well overall. Even without releasing in China and Japan it managed to get more than 450 million worldwide in second weekend. I am sure after its run it will be able gross more than 800 million worldwide.

  4. Was that “Bwaa haa haa!” necessary lol WW was great but to me homecoming was more enjoyable. I do notice that nowhere its mentioned that age of ultron and civil war had bigger friday to friday drops amd still managed to cross a billion. Homecoming wont cross that but financially it will do just fine. It was made for less than previos spideman movies and avengers.

  5. I guess Sony is already regretting the deal they made with MCU. Amy Pascal was right all along. There won’t be no more additional deals. After Spider-Man homecoming 2, Spider-Man is getting out of MCU

  6. Just an anecdote here, but my mother who doesn’t even like big action movies has seen all the previous Spider-Man movies. And she said after watching the Homecoming trailer, “Well that’s certainly a different take on the character.” I personally liked the movie, but I can see how a more casual movie going audience would be skeptical.

  7. Well it did have to face a Planet of the Apes prequel. As for Sony regretting doing a deal with the MCU, I don’t think so. The movie is still doing good. Not as good as some may expect but I wouldn’t call it a failure. Plus it is doing good overseas. Hedi use to edit at DC so I take what she says with ALOT of grain of salt. Spider-Man 2 had a similar drop in fact the numbers are almost the same so Sony can’t be mad at the MCU if one of it’ had the same drop that they had without the MCU and it is doing good overseas.

  8. @Andy Augustus

    How do you explain all the times the writer and this blog in general have criticized DC then?

  9. I don’t come to this site much so I never seen much criticism but she did work at DC once so she could be a little biased but what do I know?

  10. Why bwa-ha-ha at Wonder Woman doing better? It’s an awesome movie of *the* feminist icon. I’m super happy it did so well, but I don’t get the laughing at Spider-man thing….and I’m never going to see Spider-man.

  11. I feel no urgency about seeing this movie — unlike the 2002 movie, which I saw twice in its first week. But this is the sixth Spider-Man movie (or seventh, if you count his appearance in Captain America: Civil War). The novelty has worn off, and people may be getting whiplash from the rebootings and recastings.

    This is a movie I assume I’ll see … eventually. But first I plan to see The Beguiled and The Big Sick.

  12. Spdierman homecoming was an okay movie,the movie hd no replay value,its action scenes were piss poor,saying vulture is the best mcu villan is not saying much coz mcu has made some of the most horrendus pile of shit villans

  13. Homecoming is guaranteed to beat all dc movies at worldwide box office (except batman vs superman). Poor DC fans finally get a good movie and they start screaming “bye bye marvel”……pitiful sight this is. Plus sony is not going to stop this deal….homecoming is a batman begins of sort, coming after a less popular series (even though amazing spiderman was no were near as horrible as batman and robin). The homecoming sequel should earn much more

  14. “Batman v. Superman” had suffered a major drop in its box office after its first week. Yet, it went on to make over $800 million dollars . . . and that was before the DVD sales.

    “Spiderman Homecoming” has the chance to rebound and make just as much.

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