Marvel’s Spider-Man is now the best-selling superhero game of all time in the U.S. The PS4 exclusive has dethroned the popular, longtime title holder Arkham Asylum. This news comes in from video game analyst Mat Piscatella, who sources the marketing group NPD, in a tweet from Thursday.

It’s no surprise coming from a game that snagged several nominations at last year’s Game of the Year Awards, including Best Game, Best Direction, Best Music, Best Audio Design, Best Action/Adventure Game and more. Fans and critics alike praised the game as not only one of the strongest gamest for the character, but for the franchise. The team, led by fellow comics nerds themselves, still shows love for the now best-selling Spider-Man game.

As recently as this month, the game received a new, free update, letting players try on two new Spidey suits from Spider-Man: Far from Home. From the onset, it’s been a fashion-friendly, fan-friendly game. This latest patch brings the total number of outfits in the game up to a superior 42, including nods to Tobey Maguire’s performance, Spider-Verse and even The Fantastic Four

Arkham City, meanwhile has had quite the run. The Dark Knight-centric game released back in 2011 and famously sold almost half of its total 4.6 million units in its first week and leading to its own share of accolades, remasters and rereleases. The writing was on the wall as soon as Spider-Man hit shelves though. In just three days, 3 million copies were in players’ hands. It’s no surprise that Spider-Man would become the best-selling superhero game of all time.

Since the game’s announcement and release, fans have contemplated buying a console just to play the game, the story’s transitioned back into comics and the game itself has seen a few of its own expansions through DLC.