It’s a holiday weekend, so in case you’re looking to put off mowing the lawn and looking for some comics to read on the cheap, we’re here for you.

Remember, that monster DC sale is still going on, too.

The first big addition is the Dan Slott Spider-Man sale.  As you’re doubtlessly aware, Slott’s exiting the series after a long run (and he was part of the rotating writer group before he took it over solo).  Here’s the Amazon page and here’s the Comixology page.  Where to start with this?  I’d probably say two places:

Big Time is where Slott assumed the solo writer mantle for Amazing Spider-Man, so that’s effectively starting at the beginning.  You can start there and run with it as far as you like.

Otherwise, Superior Spider-Man is probably Slott’s most famous storyline.  If that’s not ringing a bell, that’s the run where Doctor Octopus manages to get his mind in Peter Parker’s body.  But there’s a catch.  Technically speaking, that story begins, not with the first volume of Superior Spider-Manbut rather with Dying Wish, which is effectively the final volume of Slott’s first volume of Spidey, in terms of the odd way Marvel labels these books.

Marvel’s other big weekend sale is Deathlok.  Here’s the Amazon page and here’s the Comixology page.  I’d say there’s two ways to read this batch, too.  You can start with the collection of the original material or you can start with the 90s revival by McDuffie/Wright/Guice/Cowan.  Personally, I’m pretty darn fond of that 90s revival (and then you can continue into the 90s regular series if you like the collected edition of the miniseries that kicks it off).