There’s a ~1,000 item DC Comics digital sale going on right now.  Here’s the Amazon page and here’s the Comixology page.  This one’s pretty deep and has a LOT of the New 52 and Rebirth volumes, so if you need to catch up, most of that will be covered.  There’s a lot to dig through, so here are a few suggestions for less obvious comics of interest.

Comixology pageAquaman: The Atlantis Chronicles by Peter David and Esteban Maroto isn’t really an Aquaman book.  It’s the story of how Atlantis fell and its residents came to breath water.  It’s sort of a pre-Game of Thrones tale of treacherous royalty and black magic.  A book that was out of print for quite a while, but lives up to the reputation from when it came out.

Batman: New Gotham is a 2-volume set of Greg Rucka’s Detective Comics run with Shawn Martinbrough as the lead artist.  No events, no crossovers (OK, there’s a Superman issue in V. 2, but Rucka was writing both titles and it’s not a hype-driven thing like in the current market), just Batman tracking down Ra’s al Ghul and company.

Dial H is the updating of “Dial H for Hero” by China Miéville, one of the leading authors of the “New Weird” movement that bends genres around the SF/F scene.  And this one embraces the weird as a very unqualified man stumbles onto a device that lets him dial up superheroes and ends up trapped in a conspiracy of government agencies, interdimensional death and the small question of just where these dialed up heroes come from.  Good stuff.

Gotham Central is a series you’ve probably heard referenced, but might not have read.  Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker wrote it.  Michael Lark is the initial lead artist.  It’s a police procedural about the Gotham City Police Department butting up against the kind of strange criminals they have in Gotham.  I think the original pitch line was something like Hill Street Blues in Gotham.  Definitely worth your time.

Justice League of America: The Nail.  Alan Davis, an absolute master of comics, did two Elseworlds mini’s about the Justice League in a world where Superman didn’t exist.  They are excellent and this one has both series in it.

The Flintstones is more recent and critically acclaimed, but not enough people have read it yet.  Mark Russell and Steve Pugh reworked The Flinstones  into a DARK social satire of everything from consumerism to religion.  It’s poignant and occasionally heartbreaking while being hilarious.  Absolutely wonderful comic.

That’s the short version of a deep sale.

Over on the Marvel side of the fence, there’s an X-Men: Solo Adventures Sale.  Here’s the Amazon page and here’s the Comixology page.  Did you know now-famous writer Brian K. Vaughan had a run on Mystique back in the day?  It’s true and it’s enjoyable.  If you’ve never read the original Longshot miniseries, this is as good a time as any.  It wasn’t really an X-title at first, but this is where Mojo gets introduced and you can’t go wrong with Art Adams interiors.


Finally, we have another Star Wars sale.  Here’s the Amazon page and here’s the Comixology page.  Let’s be honest — these Star Wars sales are getting to be highly repetitive, but they must still be moving product.  I’ll repeat the recommendations: Darth Vader and the vastly under-appreciated Doctor Aphra.  Remember, read that Vader run first, because Aphra is a spin-off.


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