The Space Bastards are back. Joe AubreyEric Peterson, and Darick Robertson have launched a new Kickstarter campaign for Space Bastards Vol. 2, the follow-up to the team’s 2019 graphic novel with artists Boo Cook, Colin MacNeil, and Clint Langley. The first book, which is now being released in single-issue format by Humanoids, follows the ultra-violent exploits of the delivery agents of the Intergalactic Postal Service. The second volume of the series finds returning protagonists David S. Proton and Manny Corns (aka The Manicorn) continuing to shoot, stab, and blow up their rival IPS agents, all while trying to deliver mail and get paid in the process.

Check out an exclusive four-page preview of Space Bastards Vol. 2, along with the cover by Boo Cook and the full announcement of the new Kickstarter, below. The campaign is live now.

[The preview below contains adult language and content. Kids, as your parents’ permission before viewing.]

Space Bastards Vol. 2 Space Bastards Vol. 2 Space Bastards Vol. 2

SPACE BASTARDS — the high-octane, outrageous comic series about murderous mercenary mailmen in space — is returning to Kickstarter. SPACE BASTARDS: VOLUME 2 features stories co-written by Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey with artwork by The Boys artist and co-creator Darick Robertson, Boo Cook (2000AD), Colin MacNeil (Judge Dredd), and Clint Langley (2000AD).

In the future, violence is everywhere. Corporations are exploiting the weak and disenfranchised. And while America has taken to the cosmos, unemployment is rampant, infrastructure is crumbling, and basic services are unreliable. Getting mail between planets is damn near impossible. And when you’ve got nothing left to lose, you join the Intergalactic Postal Service. No paperwork. No boss. No punching a clock (though someone somewhere is definitely getting punched). Postal carriers are encouraged to intercept, kill, and steal from each other to complete deliveries. The courier that actually delivers the package gets paid. The ones that don’t—even if they survive—get squat.

The wild ensemble cast of SPACE BASTARDS features an unemployed accountant, a death row inmate, a divorced real estate agent, an alien immigrant, a raging alcoholic, a retired privateer, and a former executive assistant in their new lives delivering packages for the Intergalactic Postal Service. Under the volatile leadership of Postmaster General Roy Sharpton, these Space Bastards are forever at each other’s throats trying to settle scores and earn big money.

“We’re bringing SPACE BASTARDS back to Kickstarter to crowdfund the DIRECTORS’ CUT, a unique and content-stuffed series of hardcover books that allows you to experience this sprawling universe and all the ongoing stories within it the way we originally intended,” said writer Joe Aubrey.

“Due to the nature of its ensemble cast, Volume 2 is as easy an entry point as Volume 1 for new readers. By crowdfunding SPACE BASTARDS, we can continue to pay advances to the artists and keep telling these twisted stories of the Intergalactic Postal Service,” added writer Eric Peterson.

The Kickstarter features SPACE BASTARDS prints by Darick Robertson, Colin MacNeil, Clint Langley, and superstar artist Simon Bisley.

The first volume of SPACE BASTARDS, also funded on Kickstarter, generated plenty of buzz for its larger-than-life cast and their death-defying antics:

“Injected with a rowdy cocktail of hyper-violent sci-fi thrills and a wicked sense of humor… Space Bastards is burning up the comics scene featuring an all-star roster of talent.” — SYFY WIRE

Space Bastards is the cultivation of industry giants coming together to construct a reality based in blood, booze, and rock-n-roll.” — BLEEDING COOL

The Kickstarter for SPACE BASTARDS: VOLUME 2 goes live on Monday, January 18.

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