Sophie Campbell, co-creator of the first female member of the TMNT, is taking over the title completely very soon. Beginning with issue #101, Campbell will write and draw IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Campbell made the announcement on Twitter following an SDCC panel celebrating the series’ 100th issue with co-creator Kevin Eastman, writer Tom Waltz and editor Bobby Curnow.

Jennika, the freshman member of the team, premiered in the sold-out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #95, by Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman, Dave Watcher, Bobby Curnow and Ronda Pattison, which hit shelves earlier this month to major fan acclaim. Waltz rides that wave out in his last five issues, ending the “City at War” arc and setting a stage for the future.

IDW and Campbell haven’t revealed much about what to expect come issue #101, but the creators are dropping a few hints on social media. Although Campbell is no stranger to TMNT, having appeared on the title on and off since issue #29 and designing a historic addition to the team, she’ll still have some help scripting. Campbell writes in a tweet that she’ll be working closely with Eastman and Waltz and editor Curnow as she takes the reigns.

Though Waltz is leaving the main title, he’s not leaving IDW – or the franchise. He writes in a tweet of his own that fans should expect more news soon about what’s next for him, potentially teasing a spin-off title.

As those announcements finally roll in, be sure to check back here for more on Sophie Campbell’s TMNT take over.


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