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SDCC ’19: NICKELODEON Brings Bikini Bottom to Life for SpongeBob’s B-Day!

Nick’s 1800 Square-Foot Booth Commemorates 20 Years of the Iconic Series with Immersive Experience featuring The Krusty Krab, The Chum Bucket and Mrs. Puff’s Boating School!

Nickelodeon Celebrates 35 Years of TMNT with a Paley Center Exhibit

Nickelodeon celebrates 35 Years of TMNT with a free exhibit.

DC REBORN ROUND-UP: WONDER WOMAN #31 gets the title slowly back...

Kyle reviews James Robinson's debut on Wonder Woman and the King-Eastman pairing on Kamandi Challenge

Kevin Eastman is Kickstarting a semi-autobiographical comic called DRAWING BLOOD

Kevin Eastman is Kickstarting a semi-autobiographical comic about a creator who has it all...or does he?

SDCC ’16: IDW and Top Shelf announce panels and signings with...

IDW and Top Shelf have united for one mega booth this year, so you'll get everyone from Eddie Campbell to William Gibson to Congressman...

More IDW news including new Ryall/Rodriguez, Stokoe back on Godzilla

Here's a round-up of more IDW announcements during ECCC, most of them part of a "Five Featured Firsts" program which will see a new book every week in July, more on Kevin Eastman and Godzilla going to Hell!

Emerald City news round-up: 10 new titles from Dark Horse, Mouse...

Here's a quick round-up of new projects from Boom, IDW, Dark Horse and Valiant, including new stuff by Eric Powell, David Petersen, Jen Wang, and many many more.

UPDATE – Amazing Arizona Con 2015: Deadpool ruled & art crooks...

The Valentines State’s first comic con of the year wrapped up over the romantic weekend. Jimmy Jay, Amazing Arizona Comic Con organizer, didn’t let a hallmark holiday get in the way of putting on his three-day annual comic book convention on Friday, Feb. 13 through Sunday, Feb. 15. The event kicked off with an intimate panel with Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane and the New York Times best selling Batman artist, Greg Capullo. They signed someone's baby.

TMNT creators Eastman and Laird appear together for the first time...

BTW one of the highlights of this year's Free Comic Book Day has to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird making their first public appearance together in 20 years! They signed at Jetpack Comics in New Hampshire, and I'm sure it was quite an event. TMNT celebrates their 30th anniversary this year and the new movie is coming out August 12th, whiel IDW is publishing the comic, with a 30th Anniversary Special coming out this month.