The people have spoken. And Hasbro listened. Two for diversity in two days! After all the hue and cry about there not being a Rey figure in the new Star Wars Monopoly and Hasbro’s weak sauce explanation that it would have been a spoiler, they will add her to the next edition. And we’ll get Rey AND Finn! Michael Cavna dug down a bit on why this was all so odd:

Then there’s the baffling fact that this makes little business sense: When one of the world’s biggest franchises tactically positions a new character as its front-and-center new face — as well as a welcome alternative from Disney-owned Star Wars to so many Disney princesses — why leave her on the sidelines? (Especially as Star Wars merchandise stands to make at least $3-billion in sales around the new film, according to some reports.) Exacerbating matters is the fact that Rey was so underrepresented on so many Star Wars products this past shopping season — in marked contrast to the omnipresent Kylo Ren — that this continued the longstanding pattern of almost all male representation on Star Wars toys and tie-ins.

BTW since no picture of the Rey token exists, That’s the Funko Pop Rey at the top. 

NOW, to explain why there is no scottie dog in this set…


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