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§ Manuel Auad has a new book called The Art of Alex Niño.
§Brian Heater presents his interview with Kyle Baker and Mo Willems:

[Baker:]We’d all sit around and talk about how, when we “made it” like Jack Davis or Frank Frazzeta—we had a whole list. The list of comics people who made it were all the people who quit. And that was your goal. “I’m going to work at Marvel Comics for two years, and then I’m going to be like Fran Frazetta and quit!” I wanted to in the funny papers. But the business has changed over the years, where the funny papers is a rotten business and comic books is a good business. I’ve actually quit comic books a couple of times and done a lot of Hollywood stuff. Now everyone in Hollywood is interested in comic books, so I have to be in the comic book business, so the Hollywood people will talk to me [laughs]!


§ Hervé St-Louis thinks Marvel Comics’ “Embrace Change” ads suck donkey balloons:

2-The advertisement was not clear in its intention and was too long. It should have been as short as 30 seconds and be clear from the onset about what it intended to do. The moralizing should have been kept short and go on the attack about why the Skrulls need to be on Earth after no less than 10 seconds.

§ Condolences to Brigid Alverson.


  1. Skrull, white, asian.

    So Marvel has replaced the Latino/Black contingent with the Skrull race….interesting…….

  2. My first reaction when I saw the print ads in the comics (I don’t do the website) was, “Wow, Marvel sure is inserting itself into the presidential campaign by equating the Obama campaign with an alien invasion.”

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