In Thor: The Dark World, the handsome Norse god takes on the dark Elves of Svartalfheim, who are led by a former Doctor Who, which sounds like all kinds of fun, but the film seems to have had an unusually rough time behind the scenes for a Marvel movie, going through directors like a tin of Pringles. First Game of Thrones director Brian Kirk was attached, but he couldn’t come to terms so Patty Jenkins (Monster) was announced as the director. Then it was discovered that Jenkins was actually a woman, and she left due to “creative differences” and a different Game of Thrones guy, Alan Taylor, was brought on board. Taylor is the credited director but, well, continue reading.

This week it was confirmed that esteemed composer Carter Burwell—best known for working on virtually every Coen Brothers movie—has left the production. “Creative differences,” they said. Although he’s worked on plenty of brainy fare, Burwell also composed the music for several Twilight films, so he’s not a franchise killer.

While Deadline has confirmed Burwell’s departure, it was first raised by Comic Book Movie, which sourced the rumor to a film score message board poster. Interestingly, the message board poster also wrote that director Taylor has been removed from the film because Marvel wasn’t happy with him.

Just a rumor—one which another anonymous commenter on Deadline also repeated. Which proves exactly nothing—it could be the same person or just an anti-Taylor faction. However, the Burwell thing did check out so, wait and see.

Removing directors isn’t that uncommon in Hollywood, and often doesn’t get any publicity whatsoever. So we may never know any more about this. However, it is clear that when Marvel Studios doesn’t like you—Edward Norton, Terrence Howard—they have no problem moving on!


  1. “but he couldn’t come to terms so Patty Jenkins (Monster) was announced as the director. Then it was discovered that Jenkins was actually a women…”

    First…cite that this was the problem…or are you just talking out your rear?

    Second…woman. Not women, plural.

    I wouldn’t bring up the grammar problem except you also confused a computer with a composer. Flippancy and poor editing don’t go well together.

  2. @TiQuinn
    I believe the Patty Jenkins quip was fully intended as a joke.

    Also, if we’re pointing out grammatical errors, it’s Coen Brothers, not Coen Bohers. (With the lack of proof-reading, this article made me feel like I was at Bleeding Cool.)

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