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A Kentucky man who hoped to sell his comics collection in order to help send his grandkids to college will probably be able to afford a semester or two. The collection, which included an Action #1, Detective #27 and Marvel Comics #1, sold for $1.5 million.

A comic from 1940 with the first appearance of Flash claimed the top individual price of $182,000. First issues of Superman and Batman from the same era sold for $172,000 and $137,000 in the offerings that ended Tuesday. His issue of the first-ever comic from Marvel sold for $95,000.

The auction was run by,


  1. From Heritage Auctions:
    Detective Comics #27 (DC, 1939) CGC VF 8.0 Off-white to white pages….
    Sold for: $1,075,500.00 (includes BP ) February 2010

    Marvel Comics #1 Pay Copy (Timely, 1939) CGC VF/NM 9.0 Off-white pages….
    Sold for: $204,999.99 2007
    Sold for: $227,050.00 Feb 2010

    Action Comics #1 Billy Wright pedigree (DC, 1938) CGC GD/VG 3.0 Off-white to white pages….
    Sold for: $298,750.00 (2012)
    Sold for: $388,375.00 (2013)

    Action Comics #1 Court Copy (DC, 1938) CGC Apparent FN+ 6.5 Moderate (P) Off-white pages…. [copyright trial exhibit]
    Sold for: $143,400.00 (2010)

    I think, for high-grade key issues, Heritage Auctions is probably the better auction house. For those titles, they host traditional auctions, usually every two months.

    Wait a year… someone will probably flip these.

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