We’re in the fourth month of lockdown and things are slowly merging into normalcy. At least we thought it was until a series of storms woke us up — #BlackLivesMatter. The Beat listed comics focusing on systemic racism in policing along with resources for bail funds. Last week we lost Denny O’Neil, the man who not only created Ra’s al Ghul, Talia al Ghul and other characters but also influenced the Batman’s intense on-screen personality we so highly appreciate today. With many non-Covid related events to draw people’s attention, we must be extra cautious about not forgetting that the global pandemic is still around. So here’s another round-up of activities to serve as a quick reminder to continue social distancing.

§ Kevin Conroy and the team behind Batman: The Animated Series were live this past Tuesday as they delved into behind-the-scenes of how this show was developed to an extent of winning four Emmys. Click here to watch the full stream now!

§ Since the physical version of E3 2020 got cancelled (yeah, who were we kidding), IGN has been hosting it virtually under its alias ‘Summer of Gaming.’ The series features developer interviews, game demos, trailers, exclusive footage reveals and more. June 16th highlight: Celebrity Tours in Animal Crossing with its host and creator Gary Whitta! Check out the full month’s schedule here

§ COVID-19 has definitely hit many LCS across the country hard. Here are some fundraisers you can be kind to.

§ How many books have you read over the course of the pandemic? Sounds pretty weird but with all of us stuck indoors, dusting off those bookshelves won’t be cutting it. Attend a virtual book festival to find what’s new! Also be sure to check out what The Beat staff is reading over the weekend! You may get some ideas!

§ Trina Robbins spilled the beans during this CBLDF virtual event earlier this week. There hasn’t been been a single occasion when she hasn’t stood up for women’s rights. As an influential feminist, Robbins has contributed to multiple underground comics and publications, produced the first ever all-women comic book, and is currently helping women in the comics industry bloom. Fun fact: She was the first woman to draw Wonder Woman comics!

§ VidCon is going virtual after failed efforts to keep it IRL. Nevertheless, the idea of breaking the fourth wall has already been tested by vloggers before, so this shouldn’t be an issue. You can expect Hank Green (vlogbrothers), Eugene Lee Yang (The Try Guys), Seán McLoughlin (JackSepticEye) and more to make an appearance

That’s all for today! Check back soon for more updates and activities to enjoy while social distancing.