We’ve finally got our first footage from the upcoming sci-fi flick, along with some nice behind the scenes action: Chris Evans gets angry, John Hurt looks wise, Tilda Swinton looks like a BAMF.

SnowpiercerThe trailer is viewable on good old Youtube, and in higher definition via Naver.

I’ve spoken before about how Snowpiercer is potentially a surprise blockbuster for a year already rather full of comic book adaptations:

Based on the popular bande dessinée Le Transperceneige, this is the story of a future world where the remnants of humanity live on board a single train, powered by a perpetual motion engine. The Earth is encased in a bitter Ice Age, induced by a failed attempt to halt global warming. The train, one thousand and one carriages long, holds an entire society within; the last society, segregated by class via position. The further away from the engine, the more poverty and tension can be found. Revolution is in the air.

And you can find all the delicious concept art and previously released content in that post, as well as more information on the original comic.

I figured that the film would only hit the radar of various sites once some footage hit and that does indeed seem to be the case – let’s hope the film continues to build up an audience before release later this year!

The featurette opens with scenes of riots and the frozen environment outwith the train, before giving us brief glimpses of Jamie Bell, John Hurt and Tilda Swinton at work. The set looks incredibly claustrophobic, as one might expect, and I think we might spy our first peek at Alison Pill. There is also a guard that looks spookily like Sheldon Cooper…

Snowpiercer stars Evans, Swinton, Hurt, Bell, Pill, Ko Asung, Song Kangho, Ed Harris and Octavia Spencer, and is directed by Bong Joon-Ho (The Host, Mother). Le Transperceneige was created by Jacques Lob, Alexis and Jean-Marc Rochette.

Some character posters have been released since my last update, and hopefully a teaser trailer is on the way!

Chris EvansTilda Swinton
John HurtJamie BellKo Asung
Song KanghoEd HarrisOctavia Spencer

[Thanks to Screenweek for the top image.]

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