image001.jpgSuper fresh with Every Man Jack — isn’t that what we all want to be, or at least standing near? Men’s grooming line Every Man Jack has just teamed up with Marvel for a new limited-edition line featuring products inspired by Spider-Man, Black Panther, Iron Man, and Captain America. The array is available now on Amazon, and includes:

Body Wash and Shower Gels (16.9 FL OZ. MSRP $8.00)
3-in-1 All Over Washes to Cleanse, Shampoo & Condition (32 FL OZ. MSRP $12.50)
Aluminum Free Deodorants (3 OZ. MSRP $8.00)
Hydrating Hand Washes (12 OZ. MSRP $6.00)
Hand Wash Refill Bundles (12 OZ. and 33.8 FL OZ. MSRP $14.00)

These Marvel grooming products excited all involved.

image002.jpg“We are thrilled both personally and professionally to be working with Marvel. As a fan of their brand, comics, and movies, we couldn’t think of a better partner for men’s grooming to reach new customers and very likely first-time groomers. We selected the most popular characters to kick off the launch–all approved by my teenage son,” shared Ritch Viola, CEO & Founder of Every Man Jack.

 “Marvel is more than epic storytelling, it is also an attitude and powerful sense of confidence,” said Paul Gitter, SVP, Marvel Licensing. “Collaborating with Every Man Jack supports our continuous transformation as a lifestyle brand, and brings a cool, new Super Hero-inspired experience to men’s grooming.”

But what do these smell like? Super-heroing is sweaty work, and we all know about the problems Spidey has had in the past washing his spandex each night. As for Iron Man…I don’t even want to THINK about how it gets inside that armor after a hard day of fighting the Crimson Dynamo.

But according to the PR there will be four nose-pleasing aromas that “capture the essence of each iconic hero”:

Spider-Man (Fresh Air: crisp air, green leaves with a touch of wild mint)
Black Panther (Wakanda Herbs: lavender and clove)
Iron Man (Crimson Oak: bergamot, oak and citrus)
Captain America (Winter Mint: spearmint, eucalyptus and lemon).

Sounds fresh to me!

Should you wish to purchase these for yourself, or perhaps as a gift for someone else who cleans up well, the products come in a Collectors Box (MSRP $32) featuring Body Wash and Shower Gels in all four fragrances, all purchasable at and

Marvel 3-in1!

marvel grooming products black panther all over wash


marvel grooming products every man jack collectors box

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