The concept of the exorcist and ridding a poor unsuspecting human of possession is not a new plot. What is fresh, however, is how these priests don’t look anything like Father Merrin or Father Karras in Webtoons’ supernatural series Covenant. The exorcists here are warriors imbued with the blessings of the angels to fight against demonic forces. More badass fighters than old men of faith.

Created by explodikid, the series centers on Ezra, a powerful and gifted exorcist who struggles with his faith in God. Other members of his order as well as his mentor try to guide him through his conflict, but it is going to take some convincing to get him to believe. Despite seeing the supernatural powers given to him by angels and watching demons operate firsthand, the young exorcist is still a skeptic.

When a rise in demon activity puts his church and their involvement in the increase in question, Ezra must step up to protect a human caught in the middle while struggling with his own inner turmoil. If not, will evil win?

The story is an interesting take on the theme of demon possession and the priests who are specifically tasked with eliminating the threat. The priests and nuns involved are definitely not the meek, devout servants of God that taught me Geometry and Honors English in high school. They are proficient with weapons and martial arts, and their magical tattoos make them supernatural themselves.

Covenant is currently available to read for free on Webtoons. New episodes post every Sunday.