We’re kicking off February with a cover reveal for Pass Me By: Lily, the third book in Kat Simmers and Ryan Danny Owen’s award-winning original graphic novel series from Renegade Arts Entertainment.
Read the official synopsis of the story below:
Lily, a seventeen-year-old trans girl, arrives in town to stay with Ed, her estranged grandfather. Lily must navigate the complexities of existing as a trans person in rural small-town charm. Ed’s dementia progresses and hidden memories come to the surface, Pass Me By: Lily explores family, loss, and intergenerational queer identity. A heartfelt tale about how our stories carry through time, and coming to terms with change.
Simmers said in a statement:
Pass Me By started as a way to say what I struggled so desperately to understand and put into words for myself. Writing Lily is where I solidified my own decision to pursue transition and live the life I’d wanted since I was Lily’s age. It’s been incredible to grow alongside this story and explore the interactions between characters rooted in my past and the life I’m now embodying.”
Owen said in the statement:
“Book three, Pass Me By: Lily is a story about how we grow and change. It’s about finding our way through tragedy, and examining the complexities of family and identity. Pass Me By: Lily is a deeply human narrative, which challenges the landscape of queer Canadian literature.”
Pass Me By: Lily is set to release in the Spring of 2024. Check out the cover below!