Renegade Arts Entertainment released an exclusive cover of their upcoming book Shout Kill Revel by debut author/illustrator Jarret Hartnell. The 208 pages full-color comic will be published on April 17, 2024.

Read details about the comic below:

Helmina must overcome crippling anxiety to prevent a death-cult unleashing an unimaginable cosmic horror on the world.

A ruthless cult rules the land. It is believed that Helmina is their lost messiah and the darkness lurking within her will one day unleash an unimaginable cosmic horror. As that day approaches, Helmina, after a lifetime of crippling anxiety, must do more than run and hide from the cultists and her own demons to stop it. The fate of the world now depends on her. In a swerve from our history, a fear-worshipping cult sets itself up as the new authority across the land. Their plans dance to the whims of strange cosmic entities, fuelled only by the fears forced upon every soul in sight. Many years have passed since the people yearned for someone, anyone, to help them. Those days are long gone. Any and all hope is punishable by death, not that there has been any reason to have any in recently.

The Wild West is over. This is the Dark West. 

Helmina was born in the centre of the uprising. Her father, the last hero who fought for hope, and her mother who bent the knee to fear.

When hope seemed rational, one side believed Helmina to be the answer to defeating the cult dictatorship and the other saw her as the answer to their cosmic prayers. Helmina has done everything she can to avoid being either and for damn good reason… her crippling anxiety is not of this world.

So Helmina hid herself away. Her affliction is not as simple as good or bad, hero or villain. Deeply afraid of her curse, Helmina hid herself away hoping that she’ll stay lucky and be left alone, for everyone’s sake.Unfortunately, no one’s luck is so good as to remain hidden from fear itself. Especially when it’s boiling in your veins, screaming to escape.

Welcome to the Dark West. Remain fearful.

Hartnell is a comic creator living in Calgary, Alberta, where he graduated with a degree in illustration and design from AuArts, where he also teaches narrative illustration. Hartnell has fully committed to practicing all creative aspects of making comics, including writing, illustrating, lettering, and design. Hartnell illustrated Spencer Estabrooks‘ comic “Pedal Hard” for the Alberta Comics: Home anthology. As a graduate of the music program at Red Deer College, he also composes scores to utilize all opportunities to express his love for telling stories. 

Check out the exclusive cover from the publisher here.

Shout Kill Revel