We’ve all heard horror stories about poachers and endangered species being destroyed by annoying humans, right? Well, this week in the Small Press Spotlight, this all-too-real concept takes a dark turn in Nosejob from Flatline Comics.

Written by Kevin LaPorte (Vicious Circus, Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen) and illustrated (covers and interiors) by Oscar Pinto (Heavy Metal, Vicious Circus Halloween Special), the two-part comic centers on the last rhinoceros in the world and the different factions trying to claim her. Letters are by Erica J. Heflin

Read details below:

Nosejob is a two-part comic book story of the last rhinoceros in the world and the race between warring factions to protect, destroy, and mystically duplicate her. Will she succumb to the poachers? Be saved by the radical environmentalists? Or meet an altogether different fate at the hands of a mysterious mystic?”

The campaign for the series is currently running on Kickstarter and will end next Wednesday June 15. To back Nosejob click here

Check out some preview pages below!