This week, Small Press Spotlight fans get an early look at an upcoming Kickstarter campaign from Flatline Comics. Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen is the second issue in the series, continuing the quest of the Horseman Death “to find and destroy the forces that unleashed the series of monstrous Horsemen that obliterated his hometown. Along the way, he encounters a self-destructive tinkerer and a rejuvenated War Horseman in the form of a human tank, and he finds himself pursued by an old acquaintance in a newer and deadlier form.”

Writer/publisher Kevin LaPorte (Garrie Gastonny is on art, with colors by Rifandescribes the book as “the tale of Cager Dobbin, a local hired gun, and his battle to survive the monstrous Horsemen who emerge, one by one from nowhere, to destroy his town of Promise. Cager is assisted by the local tycoon who employs him, the mayor wed to this tycoon, and the town sheriff on the payroll of that same tycoon.”

Missed the first part? No worries. The whole library of the “Steampunk Apocalypse epic” is available in this campaign, which is set to launch on April 10. 

Take a look at a teaser image of the Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen and click here to get notifications on the Kickstarter’s launch on April 10. 

Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen