This installment of the Small Press Spotlight turns its attention to a Kickstarter campaign running through the end of March for Arks Issue Three. Described by publisher Clicky Sprout Wife as  “Adam and Eve meets Ridley Scott’s Alien”, the graphic novel is based on a decade of research and inspired by infamous scientists such as Sir Francis Crick (discoverer of DNA), astrobiologist Dr Leslie Orgel, and astronomer Carl Sagan, to name a few.


Arks, which is one epic science fiction story broken into six parts, is written by screenwriter and illustrator Rory Collins, and returning for this issue is digital arts whiz Andrew Morris. Digital artists James Daly and Neil Copland also return to help with the tech characters and creatures found in the installment’s pages.

Check out details from the Kickstarter campaign:

“The maritime view we have of space travel, traveling across the galaxy in space ships is a vestige of a different era, and that if we were to ever attempt to colonise planets beyond our solar system,  we’ll do it, in a way more akin to plant pollination.  ARKS will be the first pop culture story that explores this amazing and mind-bending idea. It’s a beautiful reality and frightening ramifications for us and our descendants.

Arks is the story of two planetary engineers, Joseph and Lilith, who are booted by bacteria onto a terraformed world orbiting a distant star. To their horror they discover that the process may have accidentally turned the entire planet into a bomb.

As the last surviving humans, Arks, they have a terrible decision to make. Do they try to survive in this brutal world or do they do the unthinkable and euthanize the species?”

To back the project and also learn how to get your hands on the first two issues, click here.