By Brandon Pascall

The panel begins with Daniel telling a story about how back in 2006 he drew Kirkman as a zombie and how a comic store worker intercepted him and stole his drawing! After a few laughs and jokes, Kirkman talks about the upcoming Walking Dead Issues and how the New Order will clash with Rick’s group, Kirkman also said that the upcoming all Negan issue (#174) will focus on how Negan is dealing with being an outcast shunned by his peers.

Sean then transitions the panel and Dan Panosian talks about his upcoming series Slots. Dan writes, draws, and letters the series and he talks about the creative freedom he has given himself making the entire series himself and states that it is the most fun he has ever had on any comic series he has worked on.

Kirkman cuts in to talk about the power of art and how Skybound works with the best artists in the business and how art has empowered creators to do more, later in the panel this point is brought back up by Daniel when he talks about the writer-artist and how Skybound is encouraging artists to write their own stories and empower them to tell their singular vision.

Kirkman then talks about his new series Oblivion Song and how (large part of Philadelphia flips and collides with another dimension and the main character Nathan Cole comes up with tech to rescue people stuck in Oblivion but as they find less and less people the government shuts him down and he must go in by himself to save the people stranded. Lorenzo gushes about getting to work the Kirkman with Kirkman giving a rebuttal that he cyber-stalked Lorenzo’s twitter for a year before approaching him with the project

Daniel then announces his new series with Skybound but doesn’t give us a hint on what it will be but confirms that a new book is in the works and that Extremity will end at issue #12

Donny Cotes then talks about Redneck and how the second arc of the series will be the scariest and most disturbing arc of the series. Issue 7 the first issue of the new arc is the worst issue yet and he apologizes in advance about the issue. Arc 2 will also flood out more of the backstory more as well and then announces a new variant cover by Nick Derington (Doom Patrol) is a charity variant cover and that his pride charity shirt raised almost 12 thousand dollars

Kirkman then takes control of the panel by talking about Invincible and how issue #141 sets the stage for Robot War #142 a 30-pager. Issue #143 will deal with Markie (the son Mark doesn’t know he has) and the final issue #144 is a double sized issue and that it will be half drawn by Ryan and half drawn by Corey and then jokes about how everyone will die at the end.

Q&A starts now the first question is about a shared universe and if Skybound has any plans to create one. Cotes about how Redneck will have an Easter egg connecting it with another Image book in issue 8 and that shared universes have happened in the past but Robert jokes and says no but Cotes then answers another question about God Country and says the sword will/has appeared in other Image books.

The panel concludes with Sean saying that he loves and thanks the fans for letting them have a career outside of Marvel and DC.