In a statement, Marvel confirmed that controversial artist Ardian Syaf’s contract has been terminated and R.B. Silva and Ken Lashley are taking over the art on X-Men Gold. Silva (The Uncanny Inhumans) will draw issues 4,5 ad 6. Lashley (X-Men Prime and every other book ever) will draw issues 7, 8 and 9. X-men Gold is biweeklky, so Syaf’s 2nd and 3rd issues will still see print (but definitely be scanned with a fine toothed comb for local references.) Lashley and Silva were slated to be fill in artists on the title and a full time permanent artist is yet to be named.

The statement:

“Marvel has terminated Ardian Syaf’s contract effective immediately. ‘X-Men Gold’ #2 and #3 featuring his work have already been sent to the printer and will continue to ship bi-weekly. Issues #4, #5, and #6 will be drawn by R. B. Silva and issues #7, #8, and #9 will be drawn by Ken Lashley. A permanent replacement artist will be assigned to ‘X-Men Gold’ in the coming weeks.”



  1. Silva would be a great “regular” artist on the book. Syaf’s art looked so nondescript and stiff in the preview artwork that I didn’t bother picking up the first issue because of it. Was going to wait until Silva stepped in to try the book out. Marvel, please stop double shipping and let a single artist do most of a series. Thanks and good night.

  2. The outrage over Syaf’s comments only exists in affluent areas of the developed world.
    Most Abraham religions are hostile to the idea of being governed by non-believers.

    I’m not sure if Syaf did anything wrong but express, an UNPOPULAR opinion.

    If he expressed something the majority of his audience –cosmopolitan Progressives –would find palatable like punching someone you disagree with politically in the face, he would not be called out for inciting a cycle of violence.

    “. Syaf’s art looked so nondescript and stiff”
    Assuming this opinion is not influenced by the fact that he is reviled right now….can I ask…
    If he’s not that great of an artist, why was he hired and why does Marvel hire so many artists like him and then turn around and say their artists can’s help them sell their comics?

  3. “I’m not sure if Syaf did anything wrong but express, an UNPOPULAR opinion.”

    He didn’t express the opinion, he snuck it into a work for hire job against the wishes of his employer.
    I’ve been arguing his views aren’t as extreme as some fear, just expressed poorly for a wider audience, but there’s no doubt he did the wrong thing by sneaking them into the book.

    Marvel previously removed background messages that made fun of the US tea party protestors.

  4. RB Silva is awesome. Ken Lashley cannot keep a schedule to save his life. Why even pretend like he’ll draw three consecutive issues?

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