The weekend has arrived, and that means it’s time for reading here at Stately Beat Manor! Granted, we also spend most of our week reading, but there’s something special about Saturday and Sunday. Without further ado, here’s Weekend Reading 108!

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Weekend Reading 108
Weekend Reading 108: Data Visualization & Monkey Meat

AVERY KAPLAN: I got a very exciting delivery in the mail this week: Data Visualization: A Star Trek: The Next Generation Fanzine by RealCoolFriend, so naturally, I’ll be replicating some new crayons and going to town on the word search. If you don’t have a copy for yourself yet, you have until the 29th to enter to win one! In addition, I’ll be checking out the latest issue of Monkey Meat by Juni Ba, which was billed as an anthology series but has developed an awful lot of recurring characters. Can I sue the Monkey Meat Company for false advertising? Not if I want to live, you say? Well, never mind then.

Weekend Reading 108
Weekend Reading 108: Rave

DEAN SIMONS: This week I allotted some time to reorganise my storage and in the process found a few physical books I had misplaced in the chaos of last year’s moves [ —- a great way to take my mind off my continued comixology woes]. On the cards are Michael Deforge’s A Familiar Face, Eleanor DavisThe Hard Tomorrow and Jessica Campbell’s Rave. Ah the forgotten wonders of the printed page. 

Weekend Reading 108
Weekend Reading 108: The Complete Big Nate Vol. 5

TAIMUR DAR: I’ve got some various upcoming press coverage to take care of that will keep me busy for the next week or two, so I’m going to enjoy some lighter reading this weekend. Thanks to the Nickelodeon cartoon adaptation, I’ve fallen in love with Lincoln Peirce’s Big Nate comics so I’m going to move onto the The Complete Big Nate #5. I originally downloaded it to read on the plane when I visited a few weeks back, but as I’ve learned from experience I never seem to be able to read while flying. So I’m going to read it at home. Plus a couple of new release comics I mentioned in last week’s Weekend Reading I didn’t get a chance to read yet but plan to this weekend.