How many weeks is it now? Yeah, I can’t keep track either. But at least publishers like Dynamite Comics are giving us something to watch during our quarantine. If we can’t have new comics, at least we can take a look at what the creators in quarantine are doing while sheltering in place like the rest of us.

Dynamite’s YouTube channel has started a series called “Creators in Quarantine,” with Executive Editor Joseph Rybandt and writer Erik Burnham currently the first two videos posted.

Rybandt chats about the state of the comic industry along with how big books like Garth Ennis’ return to The Boys with Dear Becky is now in limbo. The editor also shares his watchlist in case you need to binge something new while staying indoors.

In Burnham’s video, the writer talks about his in-progress series Red Sonja: Age of Chaos. The book pits the She-Devil with a sword against the Chaos! cast of characters. The book is currently halfway through but on hold thanks to the coronavirus. He also shares some new skills and hobbies he’s taken up now that he’s found himself with more free time.

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