If you stay up late like me, and follow Cheryl Lynn Eaton on Twitter, like me, you get to experience one of the GOOD things about Twitter. Every night at midnight, when it goes live, Eaton live tweets the new Mary Worth strip.

Debuting in 1938, Mary Worth is one of a handful of drama strips from the “golden age” still running. It was created by writer Allen Saunders and artist Dale Connor, and for 80 years (!!!!) it has told us of  the deeds of Mary Worth, a wise older lady who often helps people deal with their issues. Busy body or life coach – Mary Worth is there to set things right, or at least comment sassily.

But today’s strip is one for the ages.

So what has happened here? Basically Mary Worth has needed to follow her own advice for the last month and got involved with a bad piece of work named Ted Miller. Ted didn’t understand boundaries. Under the guise of wanting in on her growing muffin business, he wanted too much. But he didn’t know he was dealing with Mary Worth.


Cheryl has been following along and warning Mary, and finally Mary and her muffin business are safe.

If you want to follow all the hubbub yourself, you can read Mary Worth at the King Features comics site.  The strip is currently written by Karen Moy and drawn by the great June Brigman.



  1. June Brigman is just one of the comic book artists who have moved over to comic strips. She was part of a group interview in Hogan’s Alley magazine.

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