Back in 1984, writer Louise Simonson and artist June Brigman introduced the Power Pack, a superhero team consisting of four young siblings, with the debut of their ongoing series. The title lasted 62 issues and the characters have become fan favorites, appearing in various corners of the Marvel Universe over the years. In celebration of the team’s 40th anniversary, Marvel has announced that Simonson and Brigman are reuniting for Power Pack: Into the Storm, a new 5-issue miniseries this January. No additional members of the creative team were mentioned in the press release, though inker and frequent Brigman collaborator Roy Richardson and colorist Matt Wilson‘s signatures appear on the cover included with the announcement.

Power PackHere’s how Marvel describes the miniseries:

This five-issue retro series takes readers back to Simonson and Brigman’s original run, a beloved era when Power Pack were Marvel’s A-List team of kid super heroes! Although they were mere children, their powers made them brave beyond their years and the threats they faced were far from childish! This new series will capture that same spirit as the group faces a cosmic threat tied to one of their fiercest foes. Up against factions of the Snark, the Brood, and more, it’s a mission with enormous stakes that threatens the very stability of the cosmos. Luckily, Power Pack never fights alone! Fondly remembered for their exciting team-ups with Marvel’s most legendary heroes, the series will also feature Power Pack’s most loyal companion, Franklin Richards, as well as their frequent allies, the Uncanny X-Men!

Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power are super hero siblings determined to do their part to protect the world despite their young age. The problem is that their parents don’t want them to have powers — and can’t find out that they do! But when their friend Franklin Richards has a premonition of a galactic threat hurtling their way, the Power siblings will have to decide what kind of heroes they want to be — and what they’re willing to give up along the way!

Simonson expressed great excitement about returning to write the Power siblings:

“It’s funny how easy it is to slip back into Power Pack! This story explores the looming question: Should Power Pack tell their parents about their powers? I loved hinting at Franklin’s nascent abilities, one blocked by his parents, but too powerful for even them to contain completely. Loved introducing a couple of Snark princesses–good and tragic– and delving a bit deeper into Snark culture. And I loved writing Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie one more time. The X-Man Storm, who shares this adventure, also added to the fun. And, of course, June Brigman’s art is evocative and lovely.”

Brigman added.

“I always love playing with the kids.I hope everyone enjoys reading this great story as much as I loved drawing it!”

Look for Power Pack: Into the Storm #1 (of 5) to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, January 24th.