ShiftyLook, the Namco/Bandai webcomics portal devoted to re-presenting old and revamped games, has announced two more properties: ALIEN CONFIDENTIAL and ROCKET FOX, both of which are being developed as games for smartphones and tablets.
alien confidential namco bandai

ALIEN CONFIDENTIAL: BLACK AND WHITE is written by Sharon Scott with pencils by Andew Pepoy. It’s produced by Cryptozoic; a new game is due for smartphones and tablets later this year.

At a nondescript bar in downtown Chicago, the most out of this world stories are told. Travelers from far and wide stop by for an escape for a drink, an hour, a night, just to be somewhere else. But this bar doesn’t serve a drop of alcohol, it serves only super-thaumatin, the sweetest substance ever made, to aliens from all reaches of the universe.

Filled with tales of action, adventure, mystery, and even romance from all corners of the cosmos (including some of his own), Alien Confidential: Black & White is an anthology-style webcomic that has fun with the evergreen line: “So an alien walks into a bar…”

bandai namco rocket fox

ROCKET FOX is written by Stacy King with art by Shane Law and is being produced by Udon. A game is also being developed for this.

Guy Fox is a fox who loves adventure. Cheerful and curious, there is nothing he won’t do to get at a good flowerocket wherever he can find one. Still learning how to harness the flowerockets’ power of foxfire, he often finds himself on the receiving end of one of master Zenko’s lengthy lectures for being too rash.
The Rocket Fox webcomic features all the characters from the game – Guy Fox, Samiho, Huli, Zenko and more – and brings them to life through a lighthearted, adventure. The story of the webcomics will follow an original storyline as well as adapt the story of the game.

Both games and webcomics will be previewed at a launch party being held at Wondercon in a few weeks, and later on at a big bash at PAX East.

Alien Confidential and Rocket Fox join the previously announced XEVIOUS, SKY KID, and BRAVOMAN. The site launches on March 9th.