The stakes are at an all-time high in the new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 4 trailer. Building on the first trailer released at New York Comic Con 2019, the new teaser shows Queen Glimmer in her new role, the Princess Alliance fighting an increasingly powerful Horde, and what looks to be a truly epic battle for the future of Etheria.

DreamWorks released the new trailer on Thursday, less than two weeks ahead of the Season 4 premiere. Following the devastating loss of Queen Angella, who sacrificed herself to save the world in Season 3, everything has changed — and it’s up to Glimmer to maintain some kind of order, lest her mother’s sacrifice be in vain.

It won’t be easy. Horde Prime’s arrival on Etheria is apparently imminent and there may be a Horde spy leaking information from inside the Rebellion…

The new She-Ra Season 4 trailer also gives us a more extended look at new character Double Trouble, a non-binary shapeshifter voiced by Jacob Tobia. In addition, there appears to be at least one other new character in the upcoming season: a small, fairy-like creature with pink hair. We don’t know much about them yet, but from the looks of things, they’re on the Rebellion’s side.

Also: is that Netossa and Spinnerella? And Madame Razz?!

Check out the new trailer below and stay tuned for more She-Ra. The series returns to Netflix Nov. 5, 2019 with 13 brand new episodes.