Farce or tragedy? By August we’ll know. But New Yorker’s cartoonist Shannon Wheeler (God is Disappointed in You, Grandpa Won’t Wake Up)  is wasting no time with an ode to our President’s greatest medium: the tweet, with SH*T MY PRESIDENT SAYS: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump



In Sh*t My President Says, Donald Trump’s most revealing tweets are transformed into razor-sharp cartoons, offering a subversive and illuminating insight into the mind of the most divisive political figure of our time. Whether you love him or hate him, this take on Trump will help you come to grips with the man and his ideas thanks to Wheeler’s signature mix of slapstick and sophistication.

Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump by Shannon Wheeler
A 120-page hardcover, 5″ x 6.5″
ISBN 978-1-60309-410-8
For mature readers (16+)
Available August 2017

Will this book get the ultimate endorsement, in the form of a disparaging tweet from POTUS himself? It was just such a feud that propelled the March Trilogy to even greater sales heights. A publisher can only dream.




  1. Why such limited information on this? No price or even who its published by. Yea, there’s a link, but if you are going to publish a press release, you could at least include all important info. At least you included page count.

    The book looks great!

  2. Good job, Shannon! I look forward to reading this, though I’ve already seen a bunch of them on instagram.

    What’s the legality of publishing someone else’s tweets? Does this count a parody even if you’re not changing the text? Does a portion of all sales go to Trump or is it considered public domain? Are all tweets in the public domain or just the president’s? So many questions.

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