Kate Beaton shows us how to celebrate with her Strong Female Characters®.


  1. woah! almost a week without a mention of kate beaten. it’s almost like there are other web comics to talk about.

  2. Yeah, there’s a lot of really amazing work being in webcomics now. A LOT. Kate Beaton is very funny, but she isn’t hurting for press.

  3. Kate Beaton is wonderful, and these are funny strips, but I sort of agree. I bet there are comics bloggers in her bathroom right now, waiting to applaud her next poop.

  4. This was quite hilarious actually; thanks for linking it.

    I’m sometimes also a bit mystified by the popularity of this strip, but this installment linked above is a definite exception. Sharp, funny, and not obscure at all.

  5. I agree as well. I’m a fan of Kate’s work too (looking forward to the upcoming book) but there are many other talented creators producing web comics on the net and at times (IMO) The Beat seems to be Kate’s personal press agent.