As the business is changing, creators are getting creative about the business and finding new revenue streams. One such venture is Crazy 8 Press. Six noted SF writers—Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger, Glenn Hauman, Aaron Rosenberg, and Howard Weinstein—are banding together to start their own online publishing cooperative and sell direct to readers. Books will be offered on a bimonthly basis to start, with greater frequency to come. Interested readers can sign up for the newsletter at the above link.

The initial offering is The Camelot Papers by Peter David, described as “the down and dirty” story of Camelot.


Crazy 8 Press, the new internet-based publishing venture, has unveiled plans to sell original novels and short stories by established authors directly to their readers. Crazy 8 will initially offer new titles on a bimonthly basis, with an increased publication pace to follow.

Crazy 8’s founders are veteran science fiction/fantasy authors Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger, Glenn Hauman, Aaron Rosenberg, and Howard Weinstein. Together they have written hundreds of books and comics over the past 30 years, with combined sales of more than 15 million copies.

Peter David, a prolific writer of successful comic books, novels, plays, screenplays, and television scripts, co-created the Nickelodeon series Space Cases and spent a decade writing The Incredible Hulk for Marvel Comics.

Michael Jan Friedman, The New York Times best-selling author of nearly 70 books based on properties from Star Trek to the Wolf Man to the X-Men, also co-created the Darkstars monthly comic book series from DC Comics.

Aaron Rosenberg has written for children, young adults, and adults with a refreshing blend of science fiction and fantasy, mystery and humor. He has recently released two novels based on the popular SyFy series Eureka, the first two books in an original middle-grade mystery series, an original space-opera novel to lead off the new Scattered Earth series, and a supernatural thriller novella to start off the O.C.L.T. franchise.

Robert Greenberger has worked in publishing as an editor or executive for thirty years; his lengthy writing credits including both fiction and non-fiction, running the gamut from the youngest readers to the oldest.

Howard Weinstein is a New York Times best-selling novelist whose writing career started with a television script for the Star Trek Animated Series. His books, articles, comics and graphic novels cover an eclectic range from outer space to dogs to baseball.

Glenn Hauman is a web innovator and author who has written both Star Trek and original fiction. He cofounded Bibliobytes, an early forerunner of today’s eBooks, and is Vice President of the pop culture website ComicMix.

“Through Crazy 8, we can be a lot more responsive to readers,” Weinstein said. “We’re not a huge publishing battleship. We can turn on a dime. If readers want a werewolf anthology, we can give it to them in a matter of months rather than years.” “It’s the future,” said Rosenberg. “Authors have to make their work available to the public in new ways. And what’s more appropriate than a pack of science fiction writers leading the way?”

Readers can visit www.crazy8press.com to join the group’s e-mail newsletter list. They can also follow the group at @Crazy8Press on Twitter.

For additional information contact Michael Jan Friedman at [email protected]


  1. Hey…wait a minute…what is this…

    Crazy 8s..

    But theres only six of you!!!

    Best of luck in this new venture!!

  2. Tragically, “Secret Six” was already taken. I lobbied for “Six Pack,” with the tag line of, “Thirsty for Entertainment? Grab a six pack.” But we were worried it would encourage alcoholism.

    If anyone here has any further questions about our endeavor, feel free to ask.