And as the end of year lists circulate, Spring catalogs are also making 2015 all the closer. SelfMadeHero has announced their Spring 2015 line, some of which has been listed here before. In recent years, SelfMadeHero has distinguished itself for a line of graphic novels both visually stunning and emotionally compelling. This list sounds equally strong.



The Sculptor

Scott McCloud


This will be published in January by First Second in the US. IT’s the long–awaited return to fiction by McCloud (understand Comics) with the story of a dying young artist who discovers that getting the power to create anything he wishes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Behind Curtain Cover 10

Behind The Curtain

Andrzej Klimowski and Danusia Schejbal (The Master and Margarita, Robot).


An autobiographical tale of life in communist Poland, as artistic expression flourished amid an impoverished society.


Aama Volume 3: The Desert of Mirrors

Frederik Peeters


The third volume of Peeter’s stunningly visual, complex SF tale.



Julie Birmant and Clément Oubrerie


This biography of Picasso won the Grand Prix at France’s RTL Graphic Novel Awards. Haven’t seen the insides but it’s supposed to be gorgeous.


The Yellow King

Robert W Chambers and I.N.J. Culbard


As previously mentioned, fans of True Detective and horror should enjoy Lovecraft exert Colberd’s adaptation of this highly influential series of short stories.

Fans of I. N. J. Culbards work will be thrilled to hear about his adaptation of Robert W. Chambers’ The King in Yellow, which we publish in May. The stories that make up this classic


End of a Century: Nineties Album Reviews in Pictures

Run Wrake


A collection of Wrake’s illustrations of musicians from NME. Essential 90s nostalgia—just fire up a little Suede while you page through this.